Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adults Need to Know How to Speak

Ok, so I'm at the grocery store trying to buy birthday cupcakes for my son's 3rd birthday. Of course, in the middle of the Valentine's Day frenzy, all they have are pink frosted ones with hearts. Valentine's Day stuff was EVERYWHERE. There was even an express lane dedicated to just those men who waited till the last minute to find something for their wives.

In the midst of all this Valentine madness I took my cupcakes to the check-out counter. The cashier said "Happy Valentime's Day!" Which I replied "You too" despite the boiling under my skin. How could a woman, who was at least in her late 30s, say... "Valentimes" when the word is SPELLED OUT all around her. Call me weird or whatever, but it just really bothered me that she didn't know the right way to say it. My son, at 3 years old even knows better!

So, this brings me to my favorite misprounounced words:
1. Valentimes (Valentines)
2. Supposively (Supposedly)
3. Birfday (Birthday)
4. Worsh (Wash)
5. Bolleyball (Volleyball)

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