Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pregnant and Counting the Days

Pregnancy certainly is a blessing, but I think I want to ring the neck of whoever says "I love being pregnant!" REALLY? Are you insane?

Don't get me wrong. My husband and I did put ourselves in this predicament by choice. But LOVE being pregnant? I don't think so.

I've resolved to the fact that my body does not like having a little visitor. With my son, I had morning sickness (although it was all day long) for 22 weeks. This time around, I had sickness for 15 weeks which included medication for nausea. (Thank God for that!) In addition, I have had random bleeding issues since the beginning, which caused my stomach to sink and my heart to pound each and every time. Luckily, nothing major, but ya never know. Off to the doctor every time!

As I sit here with 10 more weeks left in my pregnancy with a sweet baby girl (we call her Baby Wow) all I think about is her health - is everything OK in there? I assume so. I do all the things I'm told to do, take my vitamins, etc. As I suffer through swollen feet, hands, boobs, and just plain not feeling so attractive, people ask me, 'How are you feeling?' and my general answer is "Hanging in there!"

The reality is I feel tired, excited, scared, anxious, a little helpless and uncomfortable. Pretty much par for the course. I just want it to be all over so I can hold my baby girl in my arms and bring her home to a family waiting to love her even more.

So, for those of you who LOVE being pregnant -- you get a gold medal. For me, it's all about the result. Either way, nothing beats being a mom no matter how many times you do it!

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