Thursday, August 27, 2009

At the End of the Day

My day at work was just plain bad. Not only was I highly annoyed with everyone's hair on fire at work, but I got "reprimanded" for something that had NOTHING to do with me. Nothing like getting a finger pointed in the wrong direction. So, as I put out all the fires and turn the fingers away from me and pointing to the REAL problem I find myself in a funk.

I stewed all day at about the assinine requests and allegations. But as I arrived at the daycare to pick up the kids it all went away. I was greeted by my son with a big hug. The big squeezy kind that really mean they missed you. And a big "Hiiiiiiiiiii" from my 13-month-old daughter.

Life was good again. But I do not look forward to another day at work!

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