Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toddler-Friendly Menu

Preparing dinner for our little one is always a challenge. By the time you make what he says he wants, he doesn't want it anymore and he wants something else. I've learned a couple things:
1) Despite what he says he wants, give him what you think he REALLY wants
2) Don't keep giving in, he will change his mind 1,001 times
3) Be prepared to offer and make both options you give

I've also learned good ways to make sure he gets a variety of food.

1) Frozen vegetables - I know I am not a fan of too many veggies, but that doesn't mean my son can't have them. Frozen veggies are great, you take what you want out of the bag, heat it in some water for about 1 minute, drain, and it's all ready to serve. The green bean, pea, corn combo is definitely a hit.

2) "Non-traditional" fruits - My son LOVES kiwi. It's easy to cut and it kind of tastes like bananas and it's packed with more vitamin C than oranges (well, I think that's what I read). He also loves pineapple - easily purchased already cut in cans or those little single serving cups. He tried plums, but didn't like them, but I'll try them again. Mango is another fruit he loves. When it's in season, it's always a treat.

Totally unrelated - when does the "I want to turn off the light" phase end?

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