Thursday, July 5, 2007

Home is Where the Heart Is

Four days in Costa Rica was wonderful. We saw the most beautiful scenery imaginable and our brought adventurous spirits. We explored various mountain terrains, ate fresh (not touched with wacky preeservatives) food and caught a glimpse of life outside our busy schedules. Not to mention, we could eat dinner without entertaining anyone else but ourselves.

But, we missed our baby boy. I felt like I wanted to know what he was doing every second of the day and the $1.99 per minute on my cell phone was the only thing prohibiting me from calling a gajillion times a day. In any event, after four days, we both felt refreshed and we could face the "real" world once again.

Ah, to be home. The comfort of your own bed. An A/C that works properly. And warm hugs can't be beat - the super good squeezy kind.

Now only if I can get him back to his non-spoiled self - we'll be in business.

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