Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soccer Mom

My son is signed up and on a team for soccer. I'm officially a soccer mom. Yep...I've become exactly what I said I would never be. I will be there for every game - cheering on the sidelines. And, I'll bring juice or cookies for the kids when it's my turn. Here's the definition of a soccer mom, but I have my own definition.

Here's my Top 5 List of what I won't do, and thus, by my own definition, just makes me not a soccer mom, but really just a regular cool mom:

5. I will not drive a minivan.

4. I will not cut my hair super short.

3. I will not bring ridiculous equipment such that it appears as though I'm camping out.

2. I will not yell at refs or coaches for not playing my kid, nor will I yell at my kid or indicate to him in any way that he's "not good enough."

1. I will not wear mom jeans.

Now it's in writing. If you see me doing any of these things, please shake me.

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