Monday, June 11, 2007

Fighting with a Toddler

So, not only was the Sopranos series finale a total let down, but I had to fight with my toddler about everything this morning. Despite doing what all the "experts" advise to reduce toddler tantrums and give my child a sense of independence by giving him various choices to make in the mornings, I ended up fighting tooth and nail with my angelic(?) toddler.

He greeted me this morning with a smile. Ahhh... enough to warm the heart of any mother. Then, he picked out his clothes. We walk into my bedroom as I try to get him ready and myself ready (all while my husband also frantically tried to get dressed himself). Thinking it was a good idea, I offer "Do you want to turn on the light?" "NO, I don't want to turn on the light, mommy!" OK, I thought to myself. Whatever, I'll turn it on. You would've thought that I started World War IV! So, I reluctantly turn off the light to keep the peace.

I moved on to changing diaper, getting him dressed and the like. More fighting...Diaper vs. Pull-up. Then as I put on the shirt that he picked out -- another battle. He's ripping off the shirt as I put it on. Frustrated and angry (I am sooooooo sick of fighting), I placed him in timeout. How do you get them to sit still?? Yet another fight.

Today is swim lessons, I just hope it's not going to be yet another battle. I pre-warned him that we would be swimming. We shall see the results!

Off to the battlefield. Who's with me??

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