Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thank God for Weekends!

The weekend can't come soon enough. With a child ill the past two days, all those things you mean to do get put on hold and you roll with the punches. To top it off, the husband is working on a project that requires a lot of his attention, so he's been working a lot - we know what that means? No breaks for me!

Despite having to take the last two days off work, I still managed to do some work from home as to not deplete my vacation time sitting at home, but actually having a vacation. We actually do have a vacation planned, but it took lots of poking and prodding on my part. We're heading to Costa Rica for 4 days. Lucky for me, my mother-in-law can come stay while we are away and we can actually enjoy a quiet breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as sleeping in and well... just some time alone is quite valuable these days.

As a working mom I have come up with some rather innovative dinners (that does not necessisarily mean healthy, but I try) that I can prepare in about 20 minutes (move over Rachael Ray!). One dish that got rave reviews from my husband (and myself) was something I kind of just threw together and I wanted to share.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps
7 - Boneless Buffalo Chicken Strips
salad in a bag
matchstick carrotts (already cut!)
celery (already cut!)
Spinach wraps
Ranch dressing (or Blue Cheese)

Cook strips as directed (approx. 17 min). When ready, cut chicken into strips and assemble the wrap. This made four wraps - we had it for dinner and then we each had lunch the next day.

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