Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Important Lessons

Ok, so one of the biggest struggles of a working mom is how to balace work life and home life. You want to be the best you can be in your career, and then switch to being the best mom you can be. It's not easy, but I've learned two very important lessons:
1) You can't expect everything to go as planned
2) Roll with the punches

Once you got that all figured out, it all becomes a lesson in time management. Modern technology is great, but I find that writing down all appointments/activities/errands in one master calendar (I keep on my desk), I can plan my time accordingly. This means, planning every day, from when to grocery shop to hair appointments. BUT, if you refer to lesson #1, you must remember to be flexible.

For example, I had every intention of grocery shopping yesterday, but when I picked up Ben, he wasn't in the best mood. So -- I improvised and figured I would go today. You can't wait until you are out of everything to make your plans, or you can be in big trouble, but refer to lesson #2. As I was preparing to defrost dinner, I realized we didn't have what we had planned on eating. Of course! So, I refer again to lesson #1 and find something else. Pork chops in the oven (shake n' baked with some sort of seasoning). As those baked in the oven I made onion rings in the toaster oven and mashed potatoes in the microwave. Dinner was ready in 25 minutes -- I really can give Rachael Ray a run for her money-- and I have modern conveniences to thank.

What would we do without microwaves and such? Well, back in those days, women didn't work.
Today's blog is tributed to: Dr. Percy Spencer - inventor of the microwave

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