Monday, August 6, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

So, I had the weirdest thing happen to me last night. All was relatively normal. We went to dinner with friends - one of my favorites, Thai food. Ben shared my food - the norm. We went home and he ran FOUR laps around our block (which is .3 miles for one lap) - which of course, means we ran after him on all four laps. Did I mention it was 95 degrees outside??

We went to bed. At 3am, we awoke to our child kind of crying, but not sure. I went in there to calm him and thought he was going back to sleep. I later heard him in there playing... happy as a clam. I finally doze back asleep and my husband wakes me to tell me about a firetruck parked outside our house -- lights flashing. After we found out who they were helping, we went back to bed... Ben, he was STILL awake playing. 4:15am... still playing. 5:00am STILL awake playing. Finally, my husband went downstairs, got him milk. He went back to sleep by 5:30am. Finally, we woke him at 8:00am. Of course, I slept in too... it was a weird night. Ben didn't take a nap, still came home from school to play outside (97 degrees) and barely ate anything for dinner.

I swear if someone could bottle up the energy of a toddler, it would sell like hotcakes.

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